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ESG Rating PRO services

Sustainable solutions for companies and financial institutions

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Can' t find a report on the company you are interested in?

Request an individual ESG report:

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The company can use the ESG Rating PRO assessment for the following purposes:

» Investor and public relations
» Raising capital with favorable rates/support the issuance of sustainable financial
» Supply chain purposes (communication with buyers)
» For internal purposes (analysis of company’s ESG management performance,
defining management remuneration linked to ESG KPIs)

Description of the report:

The first page includes a summary of the best and worst mitigated risks weighted by their materiality; i.e. the factors with the largest risk exposure.

Moreover, we provide the overall ESG score along with the ESG rating. This is followed by a table with the E, S and G scores and the score by group of factors.

Within the report, we also provide detailed scores for each of the individual sub factors and, at the same time, our checklist system shows our assessment of each of our 200+ data points.

Finally, we also provide you with the raw KPIs per section used in our analysis.


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